Welcome to feedingtheworld.eu! This is the homepage, of the Erasmus+ project ‘Feeding the world through ECVET in Agriculture’.

In the upcoming years 15 educational institutions from various European countries will cooperate to create new international learning paths that will enable students and future entrepreneurs and employees to optimize food production worldwide!

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The worlds population is growing and resources are getting more and more scarce. To feed the growing population, the food production must be enhanced worldwide. Technologies must become more efficient, effective and sustainable. Therefore a smart and skilled labour force is needed, worldwide. Companies are struggeling to find well educated and skilled workers in the food producing and processing sectors all over Europe.
Many European countries are seen as frontrunner in the agricultural sectors. From all over the world, delegations visit European countries to look at local production techniques and post-harvest techniques and activities. Not only the sector itself is seen as exemplary. The education sectors, or more specifically a functioning vocational education sector is seen as a key precondition to a successfull agricultural sector. Many regions look at Europe for this system.

The project partners aim to enhance food production in Europe. Production methods, processing, transport, logistics and trade should become larger and more efficient. The partners will reach these objectives by investing in distributing specialist knowledge and skills from the various partner countries all over Europe. Their key to do this is International Vocational Education in the field of Agriculture.

The project ‘Feeding the World through ECVET in Agriculture’ brings together two ECVET networks in the field of Agriculture: AHENE and AgriECVET. Together with additional new educational partners, qualification, curriculum and learning material specialists, the network partners will devote themselves to the development of international learning modules in specialist fields of food production and related activities. These modules will aim at various spoecialist knowledge and techniques from each partner country: National specialities. The modules will be developed and offered to the vocational students of all partner institutions in an international carroussel.

Activities                                                                                                                                                   – Teacher training in National specialities and didactics;
– Development of innovate educational materials about specialist topics related to food production techniques in the participating countries;
– Exchanging students;
– Finding improved methods for recognition of learning activities internationally in the home curricula.

– The partners will use the ECVET approach as the leading system in this project, but will specify the methodologies used to the specific needs of the partners and their stakeholders (companies from the sector).

Results and impact envisaged
– 12 educational modules in the field of food production, processing, transport, logistics and trade;
– 1 manual for the recognition of international learning activities in the agricultural sector;
– 25 Teachers trained in the various partners specialities;
– 72 students trained in relevant international agricultural knowledge and skills.

Longer term benefits
Vocational students of today form the labour force of tommorrow. These students will be trained well in the essential sector innovations. This will enable them to be frontrunners in the agricultural companies of the future that will be able to produce more food in a more efficient and sustainable way, taking away food shortages and weak links in the production and logistical chains worldwide. In this way, our students will be feeding the world in the years to come!


On this page you can find information about each course that is developed and delivered in the project. Click on the links in the table below to find a movie and the programme of each course!

Course title Partnerschool Country Movie Programme
Mediterranean Cuisine CSHM Spain Movie Programme CSHM
Animal Health in Milk production Grans Naturbruksgymnasium Sweden Movie Programme Grans
Developing Food Business Lena-Valle videregående skole Norway Movie Programme Valle
Eating the city Aeres The Netherlands Movie Programme Aeres
Management of high yielding dairy cows Gråsten Landbrugsskole Denmark Movie Programme Grasten
Renewable energy North Shropshire College UK Movie Programme UK
Production and quality control of farm produced food HLFS  Ursprung Austria Movie Programme Ursprung
GPS course Bygholm Landbrugsskole Denmark Movie Programme Bygholm
Meat Technology Olustvere Teenindus- ja Maamajanduskool Estonia Movie Programme Olustvere
Seasonal vegetable cooking course Smiltenes tehnikums Latvia Movie Programme Smiltenes
Soil Water Lentiz The Netherlands Movie Programme Lentiz
Wild Food Kainuun ammattiopisto Finland Programme Finland
Hoofcare Vrij Agro- en Biotechnisch Instituut (VABI) Belgium Movie Programme VABI